Are the Latter-day Saints ready for unity? Dr. Teresa Bell examines the Saints in Corinth and Paul’s letter, which admonishes them to strive for unity, spirituality, and wisdom. 00:00 Part 1–Dr. Teresa Bell 01:18 Introduction of Dr. Teresa Bell 04:13 Division amongst the Corinthians 05:45 Order of the epistles 07:59 Paul writing various congregations 09:29 The background of Corinth 12:00 A greeting and then a rebuke 14:22 Admonishment against division 16:15 Following a teacher or missionary 19:06 Robert Millet’s Becoming New 21:33 Keep eyes on Jesus 23:22 Elder Pino “Let Doing Good Be Our Normal” 26:20 Overcoming divisions 30:03 President Nelson on contention 31:36 President Eyring on unity 35:46 Jesus speaks to the Nephites about contention 36:08 Elder Cook on unity 40:05 God uses Joseph Smith–a weak thing to perform miracles 43:08 Focusing on Christ banishes contention 47:07 How to love God and move forward 50:57 Joseph Smith and compassion 54:05 Spirituality and wisdom 56:25 End of Part 1–Dr. Teresa Bell Please rate and review the podcast! Show Notes (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese): YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Spotify: Thanks to the follow HIM team: Shannon Sorensen: Cofounder, Executive Producer, Sponsor David & Verla Sorensen: Sponsors Dr. Hank Smith: Co-host John Bytheway: Co-host David Perry: Producer Kyle Nelson: Marketing, Sponsor Lisa Spice: Client Relations, Editor, Show Notes Jamie Neilson: Social Media, Graphic Design Annabelle Sorensen: Creative Project Manager Will Stoughton: Video Editor Krystal Roberts: Translation Team, English & French Transcripts, Website Ariel Cuadra: Spanish Transcripts "Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise" by Marshall McDonald