What do Jesus’s miracles teach us about Him? Dr. Robert Millet explores the first miracles recorded in the Gospel of John including Jesus turning water to wine, Him healing the nobleman’s son, and Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman.

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"Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise" by Marshall McDonald

00:00 Part 1–Dr. Robert Millet
01:05 Introduction of Dr. Robert Millet
03:05 What is unique in John
05:29 John 2-Marriage at Cana
08:15 Jesus calling his mother, “Woman”
11:08 Water to win
14:28 Why this miracle first
17:02 Wine or grape juice
21:05 When this Gospel was written
24:09 Nicodemus comes to Jesus at night
28:30 Joseph Smith story about Daniell Tyler and baptism
31:29 Dr. Millet shares personal experience working with Evangelical friends
37:34 We cannot manufacture spiritual experiences
39:25 Mother Teresa story and Dr. Millet shares a story about a health challenge
44:18 Nicodemus asks about the spirit and authority
46:50 “Only Begotten Son” or “One and Only son
48:41 Condemn and Light & Truth
53:01 Jesus authorized others to baptize
58:36 End of Part 1–Dr. Robert Millet