Dr. Millet continues to examine the greatness of the Fall, the joy we find in making and keeping covenants, and the transformative power of Jesus Christ in the Book of Mormon. Show notes/transcript: https://followhim.co/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/BM-08-Dr.-Robert-Millet-2-Nephi-6-10-followHIM-Podcast-SHOW-NOTES.pdf YouTube: https://youtu.be/X8nOlPcADyc Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/followhimpodcast Free PDF download of quotes from our New Testament episodes: https://followhim.co/product/finding-jesus-christ-in-the-newtestament-book/ Free PDF download of quotes from our Old Testament episodes: https://followhim.co/product/finding-jesus-christ-in-the-old-testament/ 00:00 Part II – Dr. Robert Millet 00:41 Read 2 Nephi 2 and 2 Nephi 9, consecutively 01:00 2 Nephi 7:1 - sold into sin 03:16 2 Nephi 7:2 - personal surrender and redemption of Christ 06:26 2 Nephi 7:10 - creating your own light 07:34 2 Nephi 8:1 08:35 Eternal identities 09:42 2 Nephi 8:8-9 - Awake 11:29 Dr Daniel Belnap and monster language from Isaiah 13:54 A gap too big without Jesus 15:25 Arise and sit down 17:51 Dr. Millet shares a story about a young man preparing for a mission 20:51 Clean hands and a pure heart 21:57 Os and Woes 23:45 2 Nephi 10 - scattering and gathering 26:30 Two kinds of scattering 28:27 President Russell M. Nelson and covenant consciousness 32:12 2 Nephi 10:12 The Lord remembers 33:57 Jacob and rejoicing 36:34 2 Nephi 10:34 Grace and reconciliation 38:40 Jacob the Theologian 41:17 D&C 76 - Jesus the Creator 42:15 Dr. Millet shares his thoughts about Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon 49:12 End of Part II – Dr. Robert Millet Thanks to the followHIM team: Steve & Shannon Sorensen: Cofounder, Executive Producer, Sponsor David & Verla Sorensen: Sponsors Dr. Hank Smith: Co-host John Bytheway: Co-host David Perry: Producer Kyle Nelson: Marketing, Sponsor Lisa Spice: Client Relations, Editor, Show Notes Jamie Neilson: Social Media, Graphic Design Annabelle Sorensen: Creative Project Manager Will Stoughton: Video Editor Krystal Roberts: Translation Team, English & French Transcripts, Website Ariel Cuadra: Spanish Transcripts "Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise" by Marshall McDonald https://www.marshallmcdonaldmusic.com