We discuss the fruits of the Spirit in our discussion with Dr. Jared Ludlow as he examines how the Saints in Galatia were commanded to become "a new creature in Christ." Show Notes (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese): https://followhim.co/new-testament-episodes-31-40/ YouTube: https://youtu.be/UQirPPzNM7s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/followhimpodcast Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/followhimpodcast Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/15G9TTz8yLp0dQyEcBQ8BY 00:00 Part II–Dr. Jared Ludlow 00:08 Paul’s challenges 04:19 Blending Jews and Gentiles 06:45 One version of the conflict between Paul and Peter 07:58 The Bible Project’s take on Galatians 10:35 Isaac as the law of the gospel and Ishmael as the law of Moses 17:29 A practical application 20:23 Stephen Robinson story about trust 23:36 Why revert to the law of Moses? 28:23 Accountability and commitment to the Lord 29:42 Fruits of the Spirit 33:16 Meekness vs envy 36:28 Evaluate how fully you walk in the Spirit 40:00 New Creatures in Christ 43:53 CS Lewis and God as a builder and architect 46:16 Dr. Ludlow shares a story about an incarcerated man 50:26 Eustace from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by CS Lewis 55:02 Paul’s conclusion 58:35 The Law of the Harvest 1:06:12 End of Part II–Dr. Jared Ludlow Thanks to the followHIM team: Shannon Sorensen: Cofounder, Executive Producer, Sponsor David & Verla Sorensen: Sponsors Dr. Hank Smith: Co-host John Bytheway: Co-host David Perry: Producer Kyle Nelson: Marketing, Sponsor Lisa Spice: Client Relations, Editor, Show Notes Jamie Neilson: Social Media, Graphic Design Annabelle Sorensen: Creative Project Manager Will Stoughton: Video Editor Krystal Roberts: Translation Team, English & French Transcripts, Website Ariel Cuadra: Spanish Transcripts "Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise" by Marshall McDonald https://www.marshallmcdonaldmusic.com