Dr. Anderson continues to examine how to have the spirit of discernment as we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. 00:00 Part II– Dr. Lili De Hoyos Anderson 00:07 Sermon on the Mount can change our lives 00:49 Judging others 05:57 Moroni 7 and how to judge 09:03 Judgments as parents 11:14 Sophistry and discernment 15:29 Elder Holland’s address 16:48 Courage to change ourselves 19:32 Dr. Anderson shares a story 23:39 Fruits and roots 27:15 Elder Groberg story of being stuck in a storm 32:40 Marvin J. Ashton’s talk and how we treat others 34:45 How do we act at home? 37:07 Beware of false prophets 42:06 Agency isn’t free of consequences 44:45 Forgiveness and the first two commandments 47:14 Nephi had to leave 49:50 Elder Oaks and “Love and Law” 51:09 Motes and beams 54:30 Elder Christofferson “When Thou Art Converted” 57:30 Jesus taught with authority 1:01:03 End of Part II–Dr. Lili De Hoyos Anderson Show Notes (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese): https://followhim.co Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/followhimpodcast Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/followhimpodcast YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/FollowHimOfficialChannel Thanks to the followHIM team: Shannon Sorensen: Executive Producer, Sponsor David & Verla Sorensen: Sponsors Dr. Hank Smith: Co-host John Bytheway: Co-host David Perry: Producer Kyle Nelson: Marketing, Sponsor Lisa Spice: Client Relations, Editor, Show Notes Jamie Neilson: Social Media, Graphic Design Will Stoughton: Video Editor Krystal Roberts: Translation Team, English & French Transcripts, Website Ariel Cuadra: Spanish Transcripts "Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise" by Marshall McDonald https://www.marshallmcdonaldmusic.com/products/let-zion-in-her-beauty-rise-piano