In this episode of the Hijabi Diaries, Abi shares her updates from the field in her Ramadan Diaries 2018 (which you can also access on our website,, which share what Ramadan is like for this hijabi, teacher, and mother of three. Also, we talk with Anna Maidi, our co-producer, about how motherhood changed Ramadan for her. Anna hasn't observed the Ramadan fast in 7 years as she's given birth to and nursed her three sons. She finds it hard to accept God's mercy for her inability to carry out his commands, even though she understands that as a new mother the Qu'ran exempts her from participating in the Ramadan fasting. Religious Studies scholar and Indiana University PhD candidate Dale Spicer talks to us about the origins of Ramadan, why fasting is such a popular activity across many world religions, and about the medical community's interest in the benefits and detriments of fasting. Credits: The Hijabi Diaries is Produced by Aubrey Seader, with help from WFHB News Director Wes Martin. Aubrey Seader hosted this episode. The Hijabi Diaries is produced in association with The Openhearted Campaign to End Islamophobia.