Welcome to a series of special episodes of the Hijabi Diaries! Over the coming months, we will be bringing you a series of interviews from our sisters in London, England, in the UK. If you are a listener, a practicing Muslim, identify as female, and would like to be interviewed for the podcast - please contact us(!) at muslimsofbtown@gmail.com. Chifa is a performing artist from North London. She recently went through a year of growth and transition, in which her faith grew enormously. She tells us about this growth, and shares her feelings about hijabi representation in media and advertising. The Hijabi Diaries is produced in partnership with the Openhearted Campaign to End Islamophobia. Aubrey Seader is our executive producer, with help from WFHB News Director Wes Martin and co-producer Anna Maidi. Music heard on the podcast includes Baraka Blue's "Love and Light." Subscribe, rate, and review on iTunes. Learn more the Hijabi Diaries at www.hijabidiaries.com.