During this episode we meet Autumn, who tells us about her work as an early childhood educator. She talks about the hurdles she sees many kids facing as they grow, including ones that seem pre-determined based on their race and their family's socio-economic situation. Autumn speaks about the innocence of young minds, and how their youth presents an opportunity to instils life-long values of kindness, respect for diversity, and an open acceptance of differences. This is one of two episodes featuring stories from our friend Autumn. Later in the episode, we hear a short, hilarious story from our friend Abi. Abi told this story, of prejudice, community, and resilience, at the Ivy Tech Storytelling Series: On Race live storytelling event, in 2018. The Hijabi Diaries is produced in partnership with the Openhearted Campaign to End Islamophobia. Aubrey Seader is our executive producer, with help from WFHB News Director Wes Martin and co-producer Anna Maidi. Music heard on the podcast includes Baraka Blue's "Love and Light." Subscribe, rate, and review on iTunes. Learn more the Hijabi Diaries at www.hijabidiaries.com.