This is the only episode of the Hijabi Diaries that doesn't involve a profile on a Muslim woman. During this episode, we take a break from our regular programming to speak with a former Supreme Court clerk, now a Law Professor at the IU Maurer School of Law, Ian Samuel. Samuel talks to us about the recent upholding of the Trump Administration's travel ban by the 2018 US Supreme Court, with a particular focus on its predicted impact on Muslim Americans. This travel ban will limit travel and immigration from 7 Muslim-majority nations in the Middle East. Samuel discusses the parallels that can be drawn between the case of Trump v. Hawaii (the case associated with the Travel Ban), and one of the most infamous Supreme Court cases of all time, Korematsu. The Hijabi Diaries is produced in partnership with the Openhearted Campaign to End Islamophobia. Aubrey Seader is our executive producer, with help from WFHB News Director Wes Martin and co-producer Anna Maidi. Music heard on the podcast includes Baraka Blue's "Love and Light." Subscribe, rate, and review on iTunes. Learn more the Hijabi Diaries at