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Pierce Marks and the Modern Meaning of Life EPISODE 22

We are thinking big thoughts with author and philosopher Pierce Marks, as we talk about the modern crisis of meaning, how the concept of a moral paradigm can re-establish a sense of meaning, and how a few of the deep, elemental visions of Christianity, including love of being and the intrinsic value of creation, led Marks to see life in a new and meaningful way. Marks is the author of the recently released "A New Way Of Seeing: Meaning in Life and the Christian Vision of Nature," published by Quoir and available wherever books are sold. Pierce Alexander Marks is an Eastern Orthodox philosopher and photographer out of Washington. He holds an MA in Philosophy. His main research interests are in Existential-Metaethics, Philosophy of religion, and confirmation theory.

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The BIBLE and LGBTQ+ Inclusion: Love as the Interpretive Lens
PART 4 of 4: Many Christians wonder how it is possible to be LGBTQ+ affirming in light of what most people assume to be a clear anti-Gay message in the bible. This episode summarizes all the verses we've studied so far, and weighs them against the larger backdrop of the Biblical principles of Love, Grace, and how we are called to treat others. Love doesn't necessarily mean accepting everything others do, and all though under the law of love, everything is permitted, not everything is beneficial--but love also desires more than just compelling others to do good. It desires their THRIVING. In this special 4-part series, Kelly examines how affirming Bible scholars view the 6 verses in the Bible that deal with same-sex relationships in the context of their time and place, and ask whether these really are sweeping prohibitions of all same-sex relationships, or are about specific issues in a certain time--including violence, idolatry, and religious difference--that may not apply to modern LGBTQ+ people and relationships. (TW: Sexual Assault, Rape, Incest, Slavery, Infanticide) Many thanks to Justin Lee, Colby Martin, Thomas Oord, and the Q Christian Fellowship, from whose scholarship we borrowed liberally! Justin Lee: https://geekyjustin.com/ Colby Martin: https://www.colbymartinonline.com/ Thomas J. Oord: https://thomasjayoord.com/ Q Christian Fellowship: https://www.qchristian.org/ 1946: The Mistranslation that Shifted a Culture https://www.1946themovie.com/ Also, remember to find us at Theology Beer Camp https://www.eventbrite.com/e/theology-camp-the-return-of-the-god-pods-tickets-824208298207 And use our discount code RADICALHOBBIT to save $50 on tickets!