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Do Jews believe in life after death?

As we move along the spectrum we get, on one end, absolutely!, and at the other end, absolutely not! There are Jews who fervently believe that when we die our bodies are put into the earth and our souls leave to be absorbed into the Godhead. But before that can occur, we are, each and every human being, judged by God. Those whose good deeds outweigh their sins receive eternal life. In Daniel 12:13 it says: for you shall rest, and will arise to your destiny at the end of the days. But what that means is open to endless interpretation. There is no primary text that answers the question. On the other end of the spectrum are Jews who believe that this is it, your one and only shot at living. Rabbi Harold Schulweis has said, "Immortality is within and between us, and its intimations are here and now."