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Do Pagans Worship Satan?

By Patheos Staff 

The simple answer is "no."  "Satan" is considered a Jewish and/or Christian figure by most Pagans worldwide, and as such has no relationship to the practice of Paganism. 

Two factors complicate this answer, however.  First, from certain conservative Christian standpoints, anyone who is not worshipping God is participating in the worship of Satan from this perspective, Pagans are often accused of Satan worship by default, but so is anyone who doesn't worship God. 

Second, whether or not practitioners in Anton LaVey's Church of Satan should be considered "Pagans" is an oft-debated question.  Although understanding the Church of Satan as simply "worship of the Devil" would be completely missing the point of the tradition, the association of anything including reference to Satan with the term "Pagan" is a stretch, for some. 

The vast majority of Pagans do not associate their religion with anything Satanic, symbolically or otherwise. 


Paganism Today


Modern Paganism is in a constant state of evolution and growth. Wicca, as a prominent Pagan path, has diversified into numerous branches, and the broader Pagan movement has expanded far beyond the realms of Wicca and Witchcraft. Various Druid traditions continue to thrive, and ancient ceremonial magick lodges like the Golden Dawn and Ordo Templi Orientis are experiencing a resurgence from their original peak periods. The revival of ancient pagan practices has catalyzed remarkable expansion within the Heathen, Hellenic, Celtic Reconstructionism, and Religio Romana communities.