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The Holocaust happened over 60 years ago ...

Historian Lucy Dawidowicz called the Holocaust the war against the Jews. From 1933 to 1945, Nazi Germany, along with active involvement of many Europeans and with the complicity of the entire world, disenfranchised, isolated, and murdered 6 million Jews. This event so traumatized the Jews of the world that we still, even 60 years later, are dealing with it. If there really is what Jung called a collective unconscious, then for Jews, the unbearable pain and loss of the Holocaust remain deeply planted in our psyches. This issue of collective memory is very significant at this time in history. The last of the survivors will be gone within the next 20 years, leaving the story in the hands of those who were not there. Who will preserve the memory of 6 million innocent Jews being slaughtered if not their progeny? This is another reason it gets so much attention.