Ethics and Community

Funds for Baha'i purposes are only collected from among Baha'is. There is a voluntary donation, called Huququ'llah (the Right of God), of 19 percent of the leftover income after all needful expenses have been paid. This is administered by the head of the religion (at present the Universal House of Justice) but is often used to support weaker Baha'i communities. In addition there are local and national Baha'i funds as well as funds for special purposes such as the building of Houses of Worship. Contributions to all of these are voluntary and are considered a spiritual obligation, but they are not sought by anyone or externally assessed.

Study Questions:
     1.     What is a “local spiritual assembly” and what are its responsibilities?
     2.     What is the difference between Baha'i elections and the elections that occur for a town council?
     3.     What are the features of the Baha'i consultation process?

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