Rituals and Worship

Furthermore, the central acts of corporate worship are preaching, singing, baptism, and the Lord's Supper, and, once again, the Baptist understanding of each of these is such that they do not require an elaborate material culture. While there are some sub-traditions where ministers wear robes during worship services, many Baptist ministers do not. In the case of those who do not wear robes, their dressing "like the rest of the people" is an expression of Baptist belief in the priesthood of all believers.

Study Questions:
     1.     What are the four instances of symbolism within the Baptist tradition?
     2.     Describe the symbolism associated with the cross.
     3.     Are the elements used at the Lord’s Supper symbols of Jesus, or his actual body manifested? Explain.
     4.     Why could it be argued that simplicity is a form of symbolism?

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