angel Source: also teaches that there are invisible beings that can influence individuals and events. Created by God, they can be either benevolent angels or malevolent demons. Angels are often described in the Bible as messengers from God, frequently delivering their messages to people in dreams. Demons are thought to be rebellious angels, led by a fallen angel who was once called Lucifer, meaning "bearer of light." Now he is called the Devil or Satan, meaning "adversary."

For Christians, all creatures, visible and invisible, are subject to God's will and are to play a role in God's divine plan. While it may not be possible for humans to fully understand or explain how God's plan is being worked out, Christianity teaches that God is all-knowing and benevolent, and that all things will ultimately work together for the good.

Study Questions:
1.     Why is God often referred to as “Father”?
2.     What is the relationship between God and Jesus? How does each reveal the other?
3.     What do Christians believe happened to Jesus after he was crucified?
4.     What is the Trinity?
5.     What do Christians believe about a divine plan for creation?

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