Ethics and Community

Spread of Christianity to AD 325 Spread of Christianity to AD 600 Source: Public Domain

The "great commission" includes teaching others about Jesus and giving them a Christian baptism. In the early years of the faith, evangelists traveled great distances to spread the message of Jesus. Once Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire in 380, the mission of the Church was merged with the imperialistic goals of political power. By the late 15th century, European powers undertook a wave of sweeping conquest, a culmination of the intermingling of religious and political goals, which had devastating effects on indigenous communities in European colonies around the world. Aware of this Christian legacy of conquest and genocide, many contemporary Christians are seeking new ways to bear witness to their faith in a dialogue characterized by humility and respect.

Study Questions:
1.     Why is the Christian vision for society bound to the future?
2.     What is the final judgment? When will it happen?
3.     What is the role of the Church in the Christian vision for society?
4.     How has the Christian call to mission been interpreted within Christianity?

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