Equatorial Guinea

Map of Equatorial Guinea

The country has an area of 10,827 square miles and a population of 750,000. Christians account for approximately 93 percent of the population, of whom Roman Catholics constitute 87 percent; 6 percent belongs to Protestant and independent denominations. Many Catholics reportedly also follow traditional beliefs. Five percent of the population practices indigenous religious beliefs exclusively. Muslims, Baha'is, and practitioners of other religious beliefs each constitute less than 1 percent of the population. The number of Muslims is increasing due to the growing number of West African and Middle Eastern immigrants.

Population Population (2009 est.) 633,441
Religious Demographics nominally Christian and predominantly Roman Catholic, Pagan practices
Ethnic Groups Ethnic Groups Fang 85.7%, Bubi 6.5%, Mdowe 3.6%, Annobon 1.6%, Bujeba 1.1%, other 1.4% (1994 census)
Languages Languages Spanish 67.6% (official), other 32.4% (includes French (official), Fang, Bubi) (1994 census)
Country Flag Flag of Equatorial Guinea