Map of Barbados

The country has an area of 166 square miles and a population of 280,000. According to the 2000 official census, more than 95 percent of the population is Christian, although persons may not be active in any particular denomination. The Anglican Church constitutes the largest religious group with 70,000 members, of whom an estimated 67 percent are active, followed by Seventh-day Adventists, 16,000, 10,000 active; Roman Catholics, 11,000, an estimated 20 percent active; and Pentecostals 7,000, more than 50 percent active. Methodists number 5,000, according to church officials, although many more claimed Methodist affiliation in the previous official census; an estimated 60 percent are active. There are 2,500 members of Jehovah's Witnesses; more than 95 percent are active. Baptists, Moravians, and members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) are present in small numbers.
The number of non-Christians is small. There are 4,000 Muslims, most of whom are immigrants or descendants of immigrants from the Indian state of Gujarat. A few immigrants from Guyana, Trinidad, South Asia, and the Middle East, as well as 200 native-born persons, constitute the rest of the growing Muslim community. There are three mosques and an Islamic center. Other religious groups include Rastafarians, Hindus, Buddhists, and members of the Baha'i Faith.

Population Population (2009 est.) 284,589
Religious Demographics Protestant 63.4% (Anglican 28.3%, Pentacostal 18.7%, Methodist 5.1%, other 11.3%), Roman Catholic 4.2%, other Christian 7%, other 4.8%, none or unspecified 20.6% (2008 est.)
Ethnic Groups Ethnic Groups black 90%, white 4%, Asian and mixed 6%
Languages Languages English
Country Flag Flag of Barbados