Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Map of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The country has an area of 150 square miles and a population of 119,000. Christianity is the dominant religion. According to the 2001 census, the Anglican Church and Pentecostal congregations each consist of approximately 19,000 members; the Methodist, Seventh-day Adventist, and Baptist churches each have 11,000 adherents; 8,000 citizens are Roman Catholic; and Rastafarians number approximately 1,500 persons. Other religious groups, such as Church of God, other evangelical groups, Baha'is, and Jehovah's Witnesses are present.

Population Population (2009 est.) 104,574
Religious Demographics Anglican 47%, Methodist 28%, Roman Catholic 13%, other (includes Hindu, Seventh-Day Adventist, other Protestant) 12%
Ethnic Groups Ethnic Groups black 66%, mixed 19%, East Indian 6%, European 4%, Carib Amerindian 2%, other 3%
Languages Languages English, French patois
Country Flag Flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines