Africa and South America also served as fertile ground for the New Age. Scholar Rosalind Hackett has noted that Nigeria features a sizable New Age subculture that fuses the occult, metaphysical, and indigenous African traditions. In addition to direct transplants of New Age materials and sects from the West, Nigeria has produced its own crop of New Age alternative healers and visionaries, many of whom combine western occult practices with African spiritualism, alongside a message of prosperity and mind-cure clearly drawn from New Age. Hackett notes that traditional African beliefs in reincarnation and spirits provided fertile ground for such New Age developments. Similarly in South America, the traditional creole religions of Candomblé and Umbanda (the latter rooted in 19th-century Spiritualism) as well as Amerindian religious practices provided a background for the successful arrival of North American-style New Age.

Study Questions:
     1.     How did the New Age movement change as it spread to other continents?
     2.     Why was the New Age movement accepted differently in Asia than Europe?
     3.     Who was Aum Shinrikyo? How did he attempt to spread the New Age movement through violence?
     4.     Why was the New Age movement widely accepted in Nigeria?

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