Rituals and Worship

After the magical energy has been raised and dispersed, the priest and priestess invoke the sacred marriage between the god and the goddess by a ritual act in which he holds a chalice of ale, into which she plunges the blade of her athame. Then they bless the ale and share it with all who are present. Finally, the ritual ends by thanking and dismissing the elemental spirits and bidding farewell to the god and goddess, and ritually re-sealing the circle with the athame. Afterward, the group may linger for general feasting and merry-making.

Study Questions:
     1.     How is magic categorized? When is it used?
     2.     How are Pagan rituals structured? What do they include? What do they prohibit?
     3.     What is role of the priest and priestess within ritual?
     4.     How do Pagans utilize a circle within ritual?

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