Today, many Reformed Christians retain traditional beliefs in the devil and in angels.  For many, angels seem either uncomfortably pre-modern, or simply have no relevance to their belief system, and the devil is just a symbol of evil.  Surveys show that increasing numbers believe in angels (and heaven) but reject belief in the devil (and hell).  Still others have a belief in angels but, perhaps without being aware of it, instill them with qualities more in line with New Age religious movements than with those of traditional Christianity.

Study Questions:
     1.     Why did Calvin view God as all-powerful? What did this imply about daily life?
     2.     Why did Calvin use the imagery of God as a loving father?
     3.     Why does predestination monopolize the thoughts of many familiar with Calvin? Is this fair? Explain.
     4.     How does scripture shape a Presbyterian’s understanding of God? Why is the Trinity essential to the Presbyterian understanding of God?
     5.     Do Reformed Christians believe in angels? Explain.

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