Rituals and Worship

Church buildings have often reflected the architectural trends of the day. Churches have been built in Romanesque, Gothic, and neo-classical styles. In the 19th century there was a trend to build churches on the model of round theaters with a stage front and center to facilitate revival preaching. Many contemporary churches continue to follow this model, especially larger ones. Sanctuaries built in recent years often resemble an amphitheater with a stage in front, and frequently have room for rock bands and screens for PowerPoint presentations. Many churches today get their start as "house churches," small gatherings in private homes that are modeled on the practice of early Christians. Other small churches rent storefronts in cities as a relatively inexpensive and accessible venue.

Study Questions:
1.     How did iconoclasm change the appearance of sacred space?
2.     How did Luther's understanding of sacred space differ from Zwingli's?
3.     What is the purpose of Protestant sacred space? 
4.     How are contemporary churches designed?

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