Rituals and Worship

The notion of sacred time that derives from this kind of thinking is not a transcendent time. It is very different from the nirvana-samsara concept, in that there is nothing to escape, no "other" time to aim toward. It is a perception, or realization, of the sacred nature of ordinary time. Finally, it is important to note that there is a sense of sacred time associated with rituals and festivals at temples; as is the case in many religious traditions, such times are set apart, marked as significant, and thus have a sense of sacrality attached to them.

Study Questions:
1.     How was sacred time viewed before Buddhism? In Taoism?
2.     How does nature exemplify sacred time?
3.     Should sacred time be described as linear, or cyclical? Why?
4.     Describe the relationship between sacred time and transcendence.

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