Coming of Age with Autism

Director: Alex Lehmann

Run Time: 82 min

Asperger’s Are Us is a hilarious and heartfelt documentary about four friends on the Autism spectrum who formed the first openly autistic comedy troupe on the North Shore of Massachusetts in 2010. The four members — Ethan, Jack, Noah and New Michael — met at a summer camp for autistic kids and immediately bonded over their shared sense of humor. The troupe was formed and the film highlights their many performances before their last show in 2013.

Ethan is glue that holds the group together; Jack is the sweet and quiet member; Noah (the oldest) is the bold yet empathetic leader; New Michael is the fireball who hosts their rehearsals.

We absolutely loved this Duplass Brothers-produced doc. It’s an endearing film that looks into the lives of four self-aware and confident young men who, although have development disorders, have strongly intact funny bones.

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