Why do we all lie?

Director: Yael Melamede

Run Time: 90 min

Why do people lie? That’s exactly what behavioral scientist Dan Ariely set out to uncover in (Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies.

Marital affairs, doping, insider trading—we hear these types of scandal headlines almost every day, but they often seem distant, far removed from us. (Dis)Honesty closes the gap to show just how easy it is for one small act of dishonesty to lead to another until the average person becomes the criminal.

Many people consider themselves to be generally good and honest people, but Ariely’s research begs to differ. Perhaps that’s why we love this documentary so much; it’s convicting in its evidence yet utterly charming in its presentation. Throughout (Dis)Honesty, you’ll laugh at Ariely’s easy-going spirit, but you’ll also feel twinges of guilt and conviction as he presents his case.

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