Story of the African Children's Chior

Director: Danielle Bernstein

Run Time: 75M

From poor villages, living in small huts and surviving on just one meal a week -- each year 20 African children are hand-selected to join the African Children’s Choir and travel across North America, singing and dancing their way into audience’s hearts. This year-long tour is an experience of a lifetime. Their goal? Raise enough money to afford school and fulfill their dreams. Dreams like...

I want to be president.
I want to be a children’s doctor.
I want to be a pilot.

Imba Means Sing tells the story of three Ugandan children -- Moses, Nina, and Angel -- providing a glimpse into the struggles and joys they experience throughout the tour and upon their return home to their village. We fell in love with this documentary as it put life in profound perspective for us: while most U.S. children worry about birthday parties and what’s under the Christmas tree, Moses, Nina, and Angel sacrificed months away from their families to travel and perform, knowing that it’s their only option for fulfilling the weighty hopes and dreams they carry inside of them. Their courage has summoned our own.

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