A hard look at the aid-industry

Director: Michael M. Miller

Run Time: 94M

Social entrepreneurs sending shoes to Africa, celebrities holding fundraising concerts, tax dollars budgeted for government aid agencies, business owners shipping solar panels to Haiti—that’s how middle and upper class first world society currently help impoverished countries. But what if we got charity and aid terribly wrong?

Poverty, Inc. takes viewers on a deep dive into statistics and first-hand stories to explore the aid industry in a no-holds-barred, honest take. The revelations are astonishing. What’s left is heartbreaking evidence—could we be the very ones perpetuating poverty across the globe?

We guarantee you’ll cry and laugh as you hear different stories about just how devastating the aid industry has been for third world countries. You might even feel yourself cheering on the revolutionary efforts to bring real progress to impoverished communities, because this film holds the power to change minds and turn hearts.

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