Guns and Christians

Director: Abigail E. Disney

Run Time: 88M

Guns and Christians. Contradictory or complementary? This is the exact question that Reverend Rob Schenck set out to explore after he felt his own faith approaching a turning point when confronted with increasing gun violence.

As a prominent anti-abortionist and advocate for the political right, Rev. Schenck had a lot to lose by questioning the role of guns in the Christian faith. Does possessing and wielding a gun undercut dependent faith in a protective God or does it fulfill the commandment to protect the innocent? The Armor of Light follows Rev. Schenck’s transformation as he addresses those long-held beliefs and collaborates with Lucy McBath, the mother of a teen lost to gun violence.

This documentary stayed on our minds long after we turned off our televisions. We honor The Armor of Light’s message because of the discussions it prompted, the questions it raised, and the beliefs it probed. In a world of increasing tension and division over 2nd Amendment rights and the Evangelical Christian’s role in it all, addressing these concerns and defining faith is more important than ever.

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