Grace and Unconditional Love

Director: Brian Ivie

Run Time: 76M

The Drop Box is the true story of South Korean pastor Lee Jong-rak, who has saved more than 600 abandoned babies in Seoul through a special “drop box” in the wall of their facility. What began as a student film project by 21-year-old Brian Ivie from Southern California became a feature length film that has warmed the hearts of more than a quarter of a million people.

Pastor Lee, portrayed alongside his wife and a missionary in their home, care for their own disabled son and several other special needs children they have adopted. After becoming known as a sanctuary for disabled and unwanted children, Lee designed a box where people could bring children safely and anonymously as an alternative to being abandoned on the streets.

One of the surprises of the film is how this work changes Lee. What began as a very practical response to a humanitarian crisis turns into a full blown change of heart — and a new perspective on the meaning of grace and unconditional love. In the film, Lee makes clear the level of his dedication to these children stating plainly, “I will die for these babies.” That devotion conveys an unmistakable and powerful message about the sanctity of human life all of us can relate to.

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