Optimism in the Face of Fear

Director: O. von Einsiedel

Run Time: 41M

Imagine living in a world where fear is the only constant in your life: fear of air raids, fear of bombs, fear of loss, fear of death. And it continues day after day, with no end in sight. That’s the reality for millions of Syrians caught in the middle of two warring powers, stacking up civilian casualties in their wake.

But during one of the darkest periods in Syrian history, a spirit of resilience rises, illuminating goodness in the midst of terrible darkness. They are the White Helmets, a group of volunteers from around the country who have been trained to respond to bombed areas to rescue the wounded.

This film takes you deep into one of the most horrific and controversial humanitarian crises of our time to expose the darkest parts of the conflict and the brave people standing strong in the face of it. As the White Helmets say, “Tomorrow will be better. We are always optimistic that what’s to come is better. Without hope, what is life?”

That spirit of persistence and optimism is exactly what makes this documentary a must-see for everyone. First-person camera footage paired with honest interviews from the White Helmets themselves creates a film that’s heart wrenching yet inspiring, saddening yet uplifting—precisely what the world needs needs right now.

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