When Church and Community Unite

Director: Sam Martin

Run Time: 66M

Undivided documents the true story of a suburban megachurch in Portland, Oregon that partnered in 2008 with a failing high school to serve its students and staff without agenda. What results is a reimagined model for how communities and churches can collaborate to bring real and lasting change for youth, our most precious resource.

This film’s strength lies not only in its realistic portrayal of issues of poverty, racism and gang violence (it’s apparent there are no quick fixes), but in the way acts of service should be approached.

What we love about this film is how big its vision is. We not only see signs of transformation on a surface level — with provisions like a food pantry, clothing drive, and volunteers — but with bigger dreams like a Nike sponsorship for their football team, job offers and a national movement to rally 300,000 of America’s churches to serve 100,000 of its schools.

It’s a glimpse of what’s possible when we’re willing to let go of our preconceived notions of what social justice looks like and instead truly inconvenience ourselves on the behalf of others.

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