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Masters of Sex Episode 2.3 Recap: Fight

The don't-call-it-an-affair between Virginia Johnson and Bill Masters has been the one element of Masters of Sex that most blatantly deviates from Thomas Maier's biography of the same title.

1More Film Blog

Masters of Sex Episode 2.2 Recap: Kyrie Eleison

Just after I finished praising the first season of Showtime's edgy drama, Masters of Sex, the second season has gotten off to a bumpy start.


J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis Films Coming to Theaters

The writer of Lord of the Rings and the writer of The Chronicles of Narnia will now have their own movies.

The Rogue

Eve Ain’t What She Used to Be…..Shattering the Hollywood Woman

In the beginning, Hollywood created women…


Our first look at Moses’ wife in Exodus: Gods and Kings

Also: has Jethro's role as the mentor to Moses been taken over by the Ben Kingsley character?

Looking Closer

Back to the Budapest Hotel: Second Impressions

Under the cover of night, Monsieur Gustave (Ralph Fiennes) escapes from prison and finds that “The Divine Zero” (Tony Revolori) has dutifully arrived to rescue him… 

1More Film Blog

Vera Drake (Leigh, 2004) — 10 Years Later

Vera Drake eschews argument, which I would normally say is a good thing, but what we are left with is a woman whose moral goodness (and the goodness of her cause) is assumed rather than demonstrated.


Hillsong United documentary tweaks its Easter release date

Originally set for Good Friday, Hillsong: Let Hope Rise will now come out two days earlier.


The Exodus: Gods and Kings trailer: a shot-by-shot analysis (lots and lots of horses, and a tip of the hat to Simple Minds)

The first trailer for Ridley Scott's Moses movie has lots and lots of horses, plus a few lines from the Simple Minds tune 'Belfast Child'.

1More Film Blog

Persecuted (Lusko 2014)

While the opening ten minutes of the film certainly bring to light the great questions facing Americans as to religious orientation, the following eighty are little more than the typical action thriller.

Looking Closer

A Novelist, A Horror Filmmaker, and Two Critics: Conversations Worth Hearing

Scott Derrickson, Alissa Wilkinson, Sara Zarr, Steven Greydanus... listen to all of these inspiring Christians talking to each other about art and criticism!


Adam and Eve in Noah: now they glow, now they don’t

Remember the original trailers for Noah? They were missing a special effect that became a source of controversy when the film came out.

1More Film Blog

Masters of Sex — Three Ways the Showtime Series Surprised Me By Being Good

Showtime's serial adaptation of Thomas Maier's biography, Masters of Sex, launches its second season on July 13. Would it surprise you to hear that the series has supplanted Game of Thrones and The Good Wife as Sunday night's "we'll watch it live and DVR the rest" TV? That it did so certainly surprised me.


Stalingrad director to tackle Greek-myth flick Odysseus

The long-simmering adaptation of Homer's Odyssey has a new writer and a new director.

Video for Jonathan Ryan's "Three Gates of the Dead"

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