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Watching God

The Science and Spirituality of Interstellar

The film embraces strict scientific humanism as well as transcendent truth beyond it.

Looking Closer

Listen Closer: Second Impressions of U2′s Songs of Innocence

Hey, U2 fans, music lovers, and iPhone users… you’re invited! I’m joining Dr. Jeff Keuss and others on Monday night, October 13, for a live podcast conversation called “U2, Apple, and the Future of Music.” It’ll be at Hale’s Ales Brewery and Pub in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, and the dinner audience will be involved in [Read More...]


Ben-Hur has found its Esther and its Pontius Pilate

Just like the 1959 film, the new version of Ben-Hur has cast an Israeli beauty pageant winner as the main character's love interest.

1More Film Blog

Still the Water (Kawase, 2014)

In a film filled with contrasts, finding quiet by traveling into the eye of the storm is a central paradox.

Looking Closer

Well-Made Movies Won’t Be… Left Behind

Today, Matt Zoller Seitz, editor of, defended The Good Lie, a movie in which the central characters are Christians, as “a good movie.” Why did he feel the need to defend it? Well, the success of The Blind Side inspired some backlash — opposition to movies in which “a white lady comes to the rescue” of those in [Read More...]

Watching God

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: Jimmy Stewart Plays Jesus

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, directed by Frank Capra, premiered 75 years ago today in Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. The screening was sponsored by the National Press Club, which in itself is kind of interesting, since Mr. Smith spends a portion of the movie punching journalists in the face. Mr. Jefferson Smith (played by [Read More...]

1More Film Blog

Gotham Episode 1.4 Recap: Arkham

As much as Gotham City is changing and the power players are making their plays, a young boy is grieving the death of his parents and also changing into a person who hates what the city is, hates injustice and is trying to figure out what can be done about it all.

Watching God

Hearts and Souls in the Walking Dead Premiere

I know, I know. I wrote a short Walking Dead blog last week. But I recently watched the Season Five premiere “No Sanctuary” for review, and I kinda feel like talking about it. It was bloody. Boy howdy was it bloody. Heads bashed. Throats slit. People eaten alive. And we won’t even talk about what [Read More...]

Sister Rose Movies

‘The Good Lie’ and the true story of the Lost Boys of Sudan

  Catholic moral theology teaches that it is never acceptable to lie. It also teaches that there is no such thing as a “good lie,” so the title of the film is unfortunate. But it is in literary reference to Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer, as the film demonstrates. During the Second Sudanese Civil War (1983–2005), [Read More...]

Watching God

Mercy, Justice and The Equalizer

The Equalizer isn’t exactly a family friendly, faith-centric movie. Denzel Washington, who plays protagonist Robert McCall, kills more people than die in the first three Jaws movies—and more horribly at that. But Washington’s also one of the film industry’s most prominent Christians who, despite often playing violent characters, tries to weave his faith into the [Read More...]

1More Film Blog

Gotham Episode 1.1 Recap: Pilot

If the central task of a television series' pilot is to convince the viewer to come back for the second episode, the premiere episode of Gotham was a success.

Looking Closer

Looking Closer at Left Behind – The Movie!

This post will be updated over the next few days, so check back as this thrilling — dare I say rapturous? — cinematic occasion unfolds!

The Rogue

Salt Lake City Comic Con: Interview with Neal Adams: “Comics can Entertain and Make People think on a Deeper Level”

(Salt Lake City Comic Con has been a mind blowing experience. I have so much to write about and I’ll try to get to all of it in the next week. I’d planned to give a run down of the past two days in tonight’s post. My plans got changed in a hurry. Why? Well, on Thursday, [Read More...]

1More Film Blog

Role Models? Dolphin Tale 2 Cast Embrace Chance to Influence Young People

Although they are only 16, these actors realize the importance of highlighting their maturity if they wish to be treated with the same respect. Their relationships with the rest of the cast members, including those playing their parents and other authority figures, emphasize mutual respect

Watching God

Forrest Gump: He Knows What Love Is

“Stupid is as stupid does.” That’s Forrest Gump’s snappiest comeback line. Whenever someone asks Forrest if he’s an idiot (which is often), he remembers what his Mamma always told him: Stupid is as stupid does. It’s not a denial. It’s simply a statement of fact, and a bit of a challenge. Don’t judge me by [Read More...]