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Film Chat

ABC to reshoot the pilot for Of Kings and Prophets

The script has been given a rewrite, too, with input from the writing team that was hired after the original pilot had started shooting.

1More Film Blog

Can’t Stand Losing You: Surviving the Police — Signed CD Giveaway!

The studio is celebrating the DVD release of Can't Stand Losing You: Surviving the Police, which arrives July 14th. Based on Andy Summers' memoir, One Train Later, the documentary recounts the band's rise to stardom and provides an inside look at preparations for its 2007 reunion tour.

Watching God

The Best Use of a Semicolon Ever

I’ve always felt that the semicolon was a woefully underused bit of punctuation. While other strange symbols on the computer keyboard have come into their own in the Internet age—the ubiquitous “@” sign for e-mail and the “#” on Twitter—the semicolon has still not found a comfortable place in the 21st Century. Because let’s face [Read More...]

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