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Film Chat

Watch: A Zealot meets his fate in a sneak peek from next week’s episode of A.D. The Bible Continues

Cornelius's men torture Boaz in a clip from next Sunday's episode.

Looking Closer

Q&O: Galaxy Quest on TV. Best Album of 2015 So Far. Favorite They Might Be Giants Albums.

Are you excited about Galaxy Quest coming to television? What's your favorite album of 2015 so far? How about They Might Be Giants — what's your favorite album from their 31 years of recording?

Schaeffer's Ghost

The Water Diviner takes a refreshing dive into one of history’s footnotes

A worthy directing effort from Crowe

Kate O'Hare's Pax Culturati

Deep-Thinking ‘Batman v. Superman’

Sometime in 2016, director Zack Snyder’s “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” hits theaters, with Ben Affleck as Batman (boy, that bit of casting news seriously dented my will to live, after his “Daredevil” fiasco), and Henry Cavill reprising the role of the Man of Steel. I will always prefer Marvel to DC, for a [Read More...]

1More Film Blog

Above and Beyond: Exclusive Deleted Scene and Interview with Nancy Spielberg

1More Film Blog offers an exclusive deleted clip from the new documentary, Above and Beyond. Plus comments from producer Nancy Spielberg.

Watching God

How Good, Evil and Faith Intersect at the Aurora Shooting Trial

The Dark Knight Rises, the most anticipated movie of the year, was opening at midnight across the country, including Century 16 in Aurora, Colo. Hundreds of Batman fans filed into the theater, many in costume. No one thought much about the guy with the shock-orange hair that July night in 2012. Not until he started [Read More...]

Sister Rose at the Movies

Two documentaries on the environment issue a wake-up call ahead of Earth Day

  If you watch the slick TV commercials BP is rolling out these days for the fifth anniversary of the BP oil spill from the Deepwater Horizon on April 20, 2010, you’d think all was well. But you cannot fool award-winning documentary filmmaker Margaret Brown. Her one-hour tour of the Louisiana, Alabama and Texas coast, [Read More...]

The Rogue

Le Petit Prince

(Jonathan Ryan posting for Jen Schlameuss-Perry) I saw today that one of my favorite books, The Little Prince, is going to be an animated movie. I tend to stay cautiously optimistic (which a co-worker pointed out to me today is just a form a of pessimism…) about things I might be enticed to be excited [Read More...]

Doc Hollywood

MCFARLAND USA: An Interview with Legendary Coach Jim White

Do you like sports movies?   I cry every time I watch Field of Dreams. The rousing underdog stories of Rudy or The Rookie almost feel too good to be true. The cynic in us may resist, but once you actually meet Jimmy, the guy who sank the winning shot in Hoosiers, your perspective shifts.   These [Read More...]

Pop Theology

Cross Roads: Faith and Film Renewal, Day 1

We’re excited to welcome a new contributor to Pop Theology. A good friend and colleague, Kenny Dickson is pastor of Christ United Methodist Church in Farmers Branch, TX (Dallas) and lover of all things film. He’s just begun a sabbatical which will include trips to both Tribeca and Cannes Film Festivals and a pilgrimage, of [Read More...]

Christopher Closeup

“When Calls the Heart’s” Brian Bird on Family TV Shows, eFangelism, & Modern Parables

Brian Bird has been a writer and producer in Hollywood for 30 years, working on shows like “Touched by an Angel” and the sitcom “Step by Step.” His latest project is season two of the Hallmark Channel series “When Calls the Heart,” which is based on the popular novel by Janette Oke. The show takes [Read More...]

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