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Film Chat

Risen: the Joseph Fiennes interview round-up (2016/2/8)

In which Fiennes talks about his religious upbringing, the difficulty of performing in a Roman uniform, how he envied the actors who played the disciples, and various other subjects (including his role in the upcoming Eric Liddell film The Last Race).

1More Film Blog

The Devil Wears Prada (Frankel, 2006) — 10 Years Later

It’s morning in Manhattan and the legion of the city’s models rise. They dress in a beautiful catalog of lingerie, skirts and stilettos and open their cabinets full of luxury makeup and eyeliner. When they hail taxis with cutting precision, they clutch their designer purses in their other arms. All of this opening scene takes place to the sound of KT Tunstall 2005 pop hit, “Suddenly I See,” which is perhaps a little too on the mark. We hear lyrics like, “She’s a beautiful girl / and everything around her is a silver pool of light,” and “Suddenly I see / This is what I want to be,” and we can’t help but wonder if The Devil Wears Prada will be 109 minutes of glorifying the fashion industry.

Watching God

The Quiet Faith of Peyton Manning

This blog is about looking for God in entertainment, so it’s only right we mention here the biggest entertainment event of all: The Super Bowl. Admittedly, I doubt very much whether God cares who wins. But whoever wins, there are plenty of players who care about God. One of those players is Peyton Manning. Some [Read More...]

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