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Review: The Secret Life of Pets

Dear parents: It’s inevitable — you’re going to see “The Secret Life of Pets.” Your kids, who have likely already flipped for “Zootopia” and “Finding Dory,” will eat up this comedy about what dogs and cats do when their masters are away.They are going to love the cartoon antics, slapstick shenanigans and anthropomorphic tomfoolery. Sure, they may have [Read More...]


Behold the poster for Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge

Gibson's first directorial effort in a decade tells the true story of a conscientious objector who won the Congressional Medal of Honor for his service during World War II.


Top 10 Pixar moments to make you cry

As Finding Dory just kept swimming into theaters this weekend, it provided another opportunity to look back on the output of Pixar, which has released an astonishing number of beloved films in just 21 years. I was tempted to rank all of Pixar’s movies, but at a certain point you’re just debating degrees of perfection [Read More...]

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New Music for a New Christianity: The Convergence Music Project

“For decades now, we’ve been having “worship wars,” where we argued about musical style in public worship but didn’t pay much attention to the content and spiritual formation value of the songs we argued about. Convergence Music Project represents a “worship renaissance,” bringing together a new generation of songwriters who are writing songs that are [Read More...]

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Patheos Exclusive Clip: Last Days in the Desert
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