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Ben-Hur Opens Today! Star Jack Huston Shares What Drew Him to the Movie

"The central question of the film is a really great one: how do we forgive? We are capable. It just takes one person to take that first step."


Thank you, Jim Henson

Life’s like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending… It was 2009. I was just turning 30 and, as I watched those final moments to “The Muppet Movie,” tears were streaming down my face. It had been years since I’d seen the Muppets’ first cinematic foray; decades, even. I don’t even know [Read More...]

Film Chat

The Vancouver International Film Festival 2016 — a preview

Three short lists of films I'm hoping to see over the next two weeks. The festival runs September 29 - October 14.

Pop Theology


Tony Jones and Ryan Parker welcome John Bucher to the podcast to talk all things STRANGER THINGS. They look back on the entire first season, talk about where the second season might go, the series’ themes of sacrifice (self and otherwise), and whether or not Eleven is a Messiah figure and the boys are her [Read More...]

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Patheos Exclusive Clip: Last Days in the Desert
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