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Film Chat

Is Paramount going to remake The Ten Commandments?

The studio behind Noah and next year's Ben-Hur may be ready to tackle yet another Bible epic.

1More Film Blog

The Ballet Boys (Elvebakk, 2015)

The Ballet Boys (★★½) doesn’t quite hold our attention as strongly as First Position, but it should nevertheless please its target audience. The film focuses on the high-school experiences of three aspiring dancers training in Norway. Lukas is introduced first. His parents tell us he often doesn’t get home before nine o’clock. One of the [Read More...]

Watching God

Should Christians Watch Horror Movies?

October is the season for scary movies. So says Redbox, anyway. The movie rental company polled its users about their Halloween-season viewing habits, and about half said they typically watch at least one horror movie during the month of October. Among those, more than half say they won’t watch scary movies alone, and 50 percent admit [Read More...]

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