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Roger E. Olson

Illegal Immigration of Children: The Underlying Problem Nobody Seems to Talk About

Within reach is a paradise of affluence and luxury, free education, health care, food and…hope. Yet we who live in the lap of luxury expect them to stay away.

Owen Strachan

Josh Barro: “Stamp Out” Those Who Disagree with LGBT Advocates

Barro replied that he thinks that “we should make anti-LGBT views shameful like segregation. Not saying we should off people.”


Louisiana Court Challenges the Seal of Confession

The traditional guarantee of confidentiality between pastor and church member seems to be in jeopardy.


A Final Word on the Middle Eastern Crisis

My goal is simply to expose Evangelicals, who are traditionally Zionistic, to a Palestinian perspective on these issues.

Good Letters

God, Guilt, and Aronofsky’s Noah, Part 2

Resentment says that not only is God taking my place at the center of the universe, he is not running things properly.

Uncommon God, Common Good

Uncommon Common People

Long after politicians have had their day on stage, those who diligently do the common things well build civilizations for the long haul.

The Anxious Bench

Joseph Smith and the Book of Abraham

Did Smith mislead his followers into thinking that he had literally decoded the language and symbols found on the papyri he bought?

Pilgrim's Road Trip

Sample: Teach Us To Want

"Humility is one of the hardest habits to wear — which may be why talking about desire is sometimes the last thing we want to do."


Book Review: Strangers and Pilgrims Once More

We struggle to live and speak openly, since often that is seen as an attack on the new norm, on the prevailing wisdom. 

Video Gallery

Sacred Bodies of Water