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Peter Enns

My Approach to Interpreting the Bible, in 5 Words

Here are 5 words that I feel get at my approach to biblical interpretation.


Why I Support Israel

Support for Israel is the most reasonable position and Christianity demands I choose reasonably this side of Paradise. There are no choices here between the Perfect and the Wicked, only choices between the Better and the Worse.

The Anxious Bench

The First English-Speaking, Modern, Overseas Baptist Missionary?

Timelines of evangelical history generally mark 1792 as the birth of the "modern missionary movement." But is this really the case?

Frank Viola

Honoring Those With Whom You Disagree

To recognize another servant of God's place in the Kingdom despite doctrinal disagreements is a badge of a person who walks with God.

The Evangelical Pulpit

American Protestantism and the Seal of Confession

We recognize that having a space where sinners can be open and transparent, without fear of reprisal, is essential for the Church to show the unconditional grace that Christ demonstrated.

Esquared media network

The Problem of Evil: Obstacles to Faith

We often pray "God is great, God is good...," but is He really? If He's so strong and good, why is there evil in the world?

Jesus Creed

James and the Death of God

Friedrich Nietzsche and James actually have a lot in common.

Thought Life

Is it Wrong for Christians to Make Lots of Money?

This is a tough question that often draws fuzzy or un-nuanced answers.

Brandon D. Smith

N. T. Wright’s 5 Aspects of Renewed Humanity

Wright describes worship as "the center" of renewed humanity.