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Uncommon God, Common Good

What Makes Someone a Person and not a Thing?

What makes someone a person and not a thing? Can such differentiation even occur? Do these questions matter, and if so, why?

Jesus Creed

Depression, a Pastoral Approach

The kind of depression that Robin Williams and so many others struggle with is clinical in nature.

Good Letters

Susan Sontag, Simon Weil, and the Pursuit of Seriousness

No doubt, Weil was just as serious as Sontag thought her. Like all the great mystics, Weil wanted to reduce herself to the point of a point.

A Deeper Journey

What Christian Leaders Can Learn from the Music World of the 1960s

Their networking relationships created better music for the entire world.

Fare Forward

The Curse of Calling and the Myth of Creativity

The historic idea of Christian calling is best understood as a conversation, an active dialogue about creation between an individual and God.


Work, Life, and Theology: A Review

The way we work has changed profoundly with the two biggest game-changers being technology and globalisation. Rather than making life easier, and creating more leisure, technology has just made us more available.


When Life Contradicts God’s Word

Only sentences which begin with: Thus saith the Lord - only these are pure truth. Only these are to be relied on and trusted.

The Anxious Bench

Hating One’s Enemy in Early America

[I]t is difficult to imagine circumstances in which pastors can properly adopt this prophetic mode, denouncing the enemy as devils in human form and demanding the shedding of blood.

Esquared media network

The Philistines Return the Ark

There are regular patterns of life that in a Spirit-directed way can help us draw closer to Christ, but there is no "quick fix" to deep spiritual maturity in God nor to the peace that we desire with our own lives.

When The Game Stands Tall - Official Trailer

Sacred Bodies of Water