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Sacred Narratives

The Quakers belong to the Reformation tradition, which seeks to renew the Christian apostolic faith as it was practiced in the first century after Christ.

Ultimate Reality and Divine Beings

Friends place profound faith in the Inner Light that dwells within every soul, speaking to those who listen, helping them to distinguish good and evil, and connecting all people.

Human Nature and the Purpose of Existence

Friends don't teach that human nature is inherently sinful. On the contrary, the heart of Quakerism is the belief in an Inner Light, a part of God's spirit that dwells in every human soul.

Suffering and the Problem of Evil

Friends have provided a consistent voice of protest against injustice and seek a high standard of life for the individual and society, a kind of perfection whose realization is made possible by the Divine spark within all people.

Afterlife and Salvation

In Quaker thought, salvation is connected to the Inner Light. It is a direct experience of God within, allowing the Quaker to live out God's salvation, which was manifest in the life of Jesus Christ.