GLBTQ Movies Have Become More Prevalent at Festivals — Will Mainstream Audiences Ever Embrace Them? Read more

A great introduction to the life of Janis Joplin, but some will wish it probed deeper. Read more

Like our own world, only better. Read more

Nothing makes me feel better than the truth, and in their own ways, all five films that I chose are refreshingly honest. Read more

Maybe our neighbors are more like us than we know. Read more

I initially planned to balance my selection among different types of films, but then I realized the films that really help me feel better in dark times are offbeat comedies and tragic cautionary tales. Read more

Here are five films that make me feel better when I’m feeling bad about…everything else. Read more

Director Tom McCarthy delivers a somber, sobering film which denies any character (or the viewer) the feeling of moral superiority. Read more

I’m not giving Freddie Steinmark a “C.” I’m giving the movie about his life and death a “C.” Read more

Through November and December, you may see some reviews marked as “Arts & Faith Ecumenical Jury” Nominees. Read more

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