411th London blogger!

Well this is something new the London bloggers tube map has me as their 411th London blogger, and you can find me by clicking on Walthamstow my local tube staton. This is a really neat bit of programing that may help bring londoners together. Funny we spend our time on the tube mostly trying to ignore each other (although a massive fire at a nearby shop at Walthamstow helped me to break the ice with another commuter today!) then go online and want to meet up! Having had four bodies pressed against me a few weeks ago its no real surprise as at least that doesnt happen online. Incidently most of my fellow commuters seemed unbothered that as we got off the train there was a distinct smell of smoke on the platform- I was quite releaved to see it had been sucked into the station from the shopfire when I got up top. I hope we arent getting too complecent about tube safety.

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