The end of the church of England?

It shouldn’t take a secular newspaper to state the obvious, but it has! Mind you Martyn Lloyd-Jones last century and C H Spurgeon the one before held to similar view. Facing the crisis in the Church of England with at least two views of the way forward- the liberal wing (with shrinking churches, but a more ‘acceptable’ set of views to the modern world) and the conservatives (who have growing churches, alpha and seem to actually believe in the Bible) cannot in all good conscience cohabit and pretend to be one church!

According to the Observer today the Church in crisis ‘cannot stem a gaping wound with a plaster. Better to operate soon and save the patient. It is time for liberals and conservatives within the Anglican Communion to go their separate ways.’

You heard it here first- the begining of the end for the Church of England as we know it, but arrising from the ashes there will be a more powerful church in England- people forget sometimes because of the so-called ‘national church’ that there are many vibrant churches of all denominations and none in the UK. It is time for them to stand together united not by ancient ties but by a vibrant living belief in the God of the Bible.

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