Revival in a picture found at Wesley cottage

Just minutes from the busy A30 in Cornwall lies an amazing little cottage that Wesley stayed in several times. It is now known as Wesley Cottage There is an unusual feel to the place- part shrine to the memory, part place of worship, part threshold of revival. A priceless picture is there which appears to be based at least on verbal memory of the events of the Wesleys preaching in a pit also in Cornwall.

I love the imagery of this picture with the dark clouds of ignorance hanging over the people, but with bright light shining through those clouds, illuninating both preacher and some of his hearers. I guess in some ways this is what all speakers want to happen to their audiences. But surely there is the touch of the divine in the reaction of the woman in the foreground who’s arms are raised ecstatically one hopes not just to Wesley but to the God he is preaching about.

I must say the numbers of hearers, and the visual impact of this picture moved me remarkably.

In the visitors book many had written of the tranquility of the cottage which is true to a degree but seems to miss the point of this picture. Someone from Toronto had written ‘More Lord’. I wrote may revival happen again in the UK and soon!

I will endeavour to find out more of the details of this picture and post them here if I obtain an answer from the trust.

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