Blogging for the children

Euan at The Obvious?? states : “my reason for trying to give The Obvious? a positive outlook is not so much that I am trying to hide any negative feelings from myself or from those who read me as trying to counter the overwhelmingly negative tone of so much of what we read, hear and see in the media. I remember clearly, when I started writing my blog, feeling that I wanted to do my bit to make the internet the sort of place I woulkd want my kids to grow up in.”

I guess I also blog at least in part for my kids. Its funny to think that Tamasin Henry Charis and Joel will one day know just what their dad was blogging about in 2003!!

I guess we all have lots of reasons to be positive though- there is always someone worse off than you. We have friends who’s daughter has broken her neck- that kind of puts life’s little annoying glitches into context doesnt it!

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