Does 9/11 make the war right

In an argument with a british person about the Iraq war this ex-pat American said (quoted on Andrew Sullican: “I simply informed her that I was a New Yorker and that my sister and brother-in-law had lost eight neighbours in the World Trade Center and I wholly support President Bush and the fight against terrorism. ”

I am not going to comment on the war itself, but I do feel concerned that 9/11 seems to be used by some as a reason that all actions are somehow now allowed. As though the ends justified the means. There are worrying things that have not always been fully explained and in my view cannot be justified simply by citing 9/11 – like the fate of people detained without trial on a US airbase, like excess civillian deaths in Iraq among other things.

Also, to be honest 9/11 has never really been used this side of the atlantic as a reason for the Iraq conflict. We don’t really see it quite that simply. On a personal note I am just glad I didn’t have to make the decision, and right now would prefer to let history be the judge. What is probably more important is getting the future right for Iraq and that at the moment is certainly an area of concern.

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