American Conservative Christians in a tizz

In the USA when Howard Dean says: “The overwhelming evidence is that there is very significant, substantial genetic component to it. From a religious point of view, if God had thought homosexuality is a sin, he would not have created gay people.” then the Christians panic, and act surprised. As Joshua Claybourn puts it ‘too many conservative Christians are in the dark about current societal opinions on the subject’.

Whatever you believe on homosexuality, I think the key point here is ‘Wake up people, realise what the world out there thinks!’. I guess maybe in the UK Christians are more aware of this issue. Josh’s audience don’t really address this point in their discussion. As far as our society goes, views have moved on.

Christians have to decide, do they mind being out of step with society? Do they want to be culturally out of line? Pollitically incorrect? Do they see this as an issue, like say slavery, where biblical interpretation can catch up- or even encourage the change we ARE seeing in society. Or is this an issue where absolute biblical truth cannot be changed no matter what society says?

But there is no use standing on the sidelines saying how shocking it is that a presidential candidate can hold these views. Not only do presidents hold these views but so do some people who call themselves Christians. I suspect that very few of them would feel brave enough to comment on a post on a site like this one to express this, however. Why? Probably not because they are afraid to discuss the morality or otherwise of their lifestyles, but rather out of fear of the rabid response they are likely to get.

One thing is clear in my mind about this subject and that is that I want to be as personally distant as I possibly can be from some of the offensive knee-jerk emotive homophobic bile that is unfortunately all too common in some circles.

Readers, whoever you are, God loves you. Sin is an issue for ALL of us. You are not in some way a sinner beyond help or deserving of especial condemnation. God is in the business of forgiving sin and giving people new starts in life.

The bible says that we must speak the truth in love. Wherever you stand on this issue remember to do just that. And please, don’t turn this comment board into an emotional rant!

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