Creation in 6 days?

Nick Queen asks Did God Create Everything in Six Literal Days?

Of course he asks the wrong question for today’s audience. The question for many is did God create the world at all or even is there a God?

I think that the first place to start is whether the world and all in it happened purely by chance. That I simply cannot believe. The intricicies of design in even the simplest molecular building block of life are such that I cannot see them arrising purely by chance. What is more each of the building blocks of life are dependent for their existance on other building blocks. Which came first the DNA or the RNA or the protein?

Is it a credible scientific prospect to believe that the world happened by chance? I think not. The way that Evolution becomes personified as a force with intelligence as in the phrase ‘Evolution designed it in this way’. The world today is desperate to proove that life is not unique to earth. The spin that was put on the so called discovery of life in a mars-originated meteor which was then disproved to no real media mention is a classic example of this.

But, if we accept that there is a God who made us, that has a number of implications.

1stly That God must be infinitely powerful and infinitely wise to have made this universe. If he says he did it in 6 days, it might be sensible to believe him.

2ndly He as our creator must have certain rights, at a minimum to be thanked for doing so, and for his creation to be teated as he wanted it to be. Too often we are like my kids who sometimes ruin each others paintings. That cannot be right, treating God with such contempt.

3rdly He must be MAD at the way we have treated him, his world and each other.

4thly We are in BIG trouble and need rescuing from his wrath.

5thly If he hasnt destroyed the world already he must have a purpose for it and a way of fixing it. Finding out that way of fixing it would therefore be the most important thing we could ever do.

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