The Christian Carnival #1

Thanks to Nick Queen for organising this, have a nosy round these posts some of them are great!

Brother Phil asks if your Christianity is Radical or Recreational

Tim Samoff reevaluates the label “post-modern”

Adrian Warnock gets his teeth into American conservatives over their surprise at Howard Dean’s pro-homosexual comments

St. Stephen’s Musings gives us a new acronym: HWJA? (How Would Jesus Argue?)

Parablemania takes Dennis Miller to task over his abortion stances as they relate to his pro-war stance

TheIrvins concludes a series on God’s Providence

Damascus Road describes the restoring of sight to the blind man… from the blind man’s perspective

Challies Dot Com discusses two methods of introducing unbelievers to a church community

Because You are Wrong has an overview of the accomplishments of last century’s most prominent Christian academic philosophers, and their impact on the faith and intellectual life

New Quaker Notebook: “My take on the battle, now in secular courts, between a Christian and his church. Five years ago he gave his church $126,000; now he wants it back. They both want to do the Christian thing, but what is the Christian thing to do in this case?”

Crossroads Blog: “Deb, the author, is a new Christian. She describes her challenge in dealing with anger issues. She uses the analogy of a train to beautifully describe how her anger never gets the train going. Only the engine will work.”

Earthly Passions is interviewed as “volunteer of the month” at his church

The Evangelical Outpost gives an evangelical response to the postmodern claim

that their are no absolute moral truths

The Happy Husband contemplates what it means to be the spiritual leader of a Godly household

After Abortion talks about how the “Silent No More” women in Wisconsin are responding to an editorial attack from Wisconsin’s leading daily newspaper

The Bible Archive: Defining worship in light of scripture and in contrast to the world’s definition of the subject. More than praying and breaking bread, worship has practical and eternal aspects to it and my post helps to look into that.

The Great Separation “It’s OK to beat up and arrest Christians in the UK with signs calling homosexuality a sinful act”

Mark Roberts sends in a humorous part of a series: “Developing a Biblical Worldview” Sometimes the best theology is also fun

Ryan’s Head has questions and answers to bringing up kids who are not of this world

Coffee Swirls says we need to measure our time in the days given us by God

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