A passionate resonse

Sarah’s Stuff!reports: “My cousin went and saw the passion and cried her eyes out- afterwards, she went to church and devoted her life to Jesus Christ. That sounds like a changed life if you ask me.”

Of course, not to be too picky, but I guess we would all like to know what kind of Christian did she devote herself to being?

Is this one of those films that we all bring our prejudices to? Does an atheist leave more convinced of the fallacy of Christianity? Does a catholic see Mary’s role even more clearly? Does a pentecostal see spiritual warfare?

I am hanging between a part of me that says ‘This is SO cool that so many people are getting to see the cross in a realistic portrayal’ and the other part that says ‘The bible doesnt give details of the crucifixion, and this might not simply be because everyone in the 1st century knew what it was’. Do we need to be brought back to the 1st century understanding of the cross? Do we need to be shocked out of our complacency about it? Perhaps the answer is yes.

I so wish I could see this film and come to my own conclusions, but being in the UK I have to wait.

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