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My old online sparring parther Vessel of Honour described the

Bloggers Gathered Together

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. — Matthew 18:20
It was time for another trip uptown to meet with my blogging brothers and sisters in Christ: Adrian Warnock- (Ed -a Christian blogger from London UK), Messy Christian (MC) (Ed- who perhaps should be called Malaysian Christian blogger- her great blogs rise so far has been stataspheric)along with the pleasant surprise of meeting the Happy Husband Ed- he seemed happy but looked too youg to acually be married! His blog is highly undervisisted go see it!). Now I can finally say I personally know someone who is happily married.
I made my way to 46th Street where Adrian’s hotel was located, but kept passing the building because it had evidently never changed its earlier name (being The Edison). Walking into the lobby, I went to the front desk to find out if Adrian had checked in, and could they buzz him down if he did. The person behind me spoke up and said he was looking for Adrian as well. Wow, popular guy Adrian seems to be. (ED- Sorry couldnt resist that attach of arrogance not meekness)
‘You’re Mac Swift?’
Uh oh.
When my reputation precedes me like that, it’s usually not a good thing.
Turns out it was Curt from Happy Husband! He had come to the city to meet Adrian and MC, and I was pleasantly surprised to have a chance to meet him face to face as well.”

Messy, whilst reporting on being in New York writes on Celebrity reflections “Yup, I finally finished my interviews, and I have to admit that it left my knees shaking. Shaking hands with screen legends can do that to you.”

Was she referring to Mac Cal and myself in that way? Unfortunately not!

All in all a great time was had. All of them are looking for vibrant, repsectful, god filled churches where they can grow and develop into ministry. All but one of them have no clue where to find a church which is even close to where they are at.

Churches are never perfect- my own isnt, but boy am I glad to be in it!

But in a point I made during our meeting (no not the one about blowing Vessel of Honours head off (Anyone who wishes that I had gone through with it, please add yourselves to the comments. You would of course be wrong!) VofH is just in a rather long wilderness period- some of it he probably needs to repent of and some of it caused by hurts done to him.

He is looking for the right sort of church as was MC. There was much understanding in the meeting and the predicted Drunken Brawl never occurred.

After our long discussion bout the weekness of some churches, there was no doubt to me that we need to see many many churches planted around the world. Much to Mac’s dissagreement I wont be able to go to church today (now theres an irony…..)

Blogging can generate the sense of community we felt yesterday accross the continents. We are all part of one happy family. I wish that Happy wife had a blog!

I am also left with a strong sense of the urgency of planting brand new churches arround the world. It thrilled me to hear that sermons from my church are being copied onto CDs and listened to in Malaysia! To live in an age where a church in London can have some influence as far off as Malaysia through our sermons it is fantastic.

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