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Thought I’d highlight some lesser known blogs over on These days blogger has many of the features beloved of MT users- as a blogger user myself I hope that the blogger blog is taken seriously by all those of you fortunate enough to be able to install MT. The joy of blogger is its ease of use and the fact you can literally be posting within minutes.

So here goes

Scotties Blog is angry about the election campaign

This pissing contest over Kerry’s medals, and whether Bush is coordinating with the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth has gone far enough. Face it, the American people will never know the truth about any of it. In fact, I am beginning to believe that to most people, there is no truth. We have to decide what “story” is the truth because there are so many ‘versions” of the truth. I think most Americans are confused about what is going on right now, and are just tired of it.

I was thinking about the media lately, and about what the campaign has been about. It certainly has NOT been about finding out the details about what each candidate is proposing for America, and tht is really pathetic.

So what else should we talk about until this stupidity ends?

Caffeinated Conversations is less than impressed at a new ‘dial an alibi’ website.

Isn’t it wonderful that we now have a place to go to be able to lie better? I was so excited to read in our local paper that there are actual web sites out there that people can go to get into newsgroups especially for the purpose of lying! Yay!

Apparently, just sending out a text-message to this newsgroup will provide numerous responses – even people willing to call that girlfriend and tell her he’s the coach from some university and her boyfriend is having to go out of town now so that he can try out with said coach – who is totally not the coach and is, in fact, a complete stranger willing and able to lie, lie, lie! to allow this guy a chance to cheat on his girlfriend!

Misty Blossoms is a Canadian muslim who sounds as devoted to Allah as any Christian I know is to Christ. He speaks about how life sometimes comes to a standstill- which resonnates with me and my toe.

Every now and then a fast-paced life comes to a standstill, at least, that’s what happens to me. Living between to opposite worlds, like the ends of a magnet always have made me realise one thing if not more: I have a long way to go. Each trip from one end to the other forces me to face up the pressure of this competitive world, and face the fact: The ladder has grown a few more inches.

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