Idolatory or depression (biblical counselling #6)

Jollyblogger believes that depression can be sparked by idolatory: “idols begin as desires which may be good, bad or innocuous. But we often raise the bar on desire and call it a need. Once we elevate something to the status of ‘need’ it becomes something on which our well being depends. “

There is no doubt in my mind that much depression in Christians is caused by false expectations. We believe that being a Christian should mean all our problems disappear. We think God owes us a good life. When things go wrong Christians both blame God and lapse into depression if they are not able to recognise the sovereignty of God.

To my mind a solid belief that God is in change and ordering even the ‘bad’ events of our life for our good is very protective against depression.

As I have said previously though, not every case of depression in a Christian will be caused by faulty theology or dashed expectations. But casting ourselves onto God will be of help in lifting depression for anyone (even if other treatments are needed alongside)

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