Should I have counselling or a psychiatrist or both? (Biblical Counselling #7)

Proverbial Wife has done a great job of sharing her own experience of different types of christian counselling.

It futher highlights how different models are used by Christians. If you are considering counselling for yourself then always ask what model is being used and consider whether if fits with your own understanding and what you are looking for.

Also, ensure that your counsellor will be willing to refer you on for a medical assessment if necessary. Reasons to ask for a biological psychiatrist assessment would include (but not exclusively)

-An inability to function socially as you used to be able to (eg unable to work, do housework, relate to your family, etc)

-Suicidal thoughts or feelings

-Hallucinations or thoughts that others believe to be bizarre

-Erratic or dangerous behaviour

-Urges to harm others

-Depression that is overwhelming

-Mood swings

-Previous history of mental illness

-Family history of mental illness

I find that many Christians are too reluctant to go to their doctors and say ‘I may need help’. There is absolutely no reason why someone receiving Christian counselling ought not to have a Psychiatric assessment alongside it. Far better to ask for one and be told you are well and don’t need a biological psychiatrist’s help than not ask when you do.

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